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Move from loxone tree to KNX

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  • Move from loxone tree to KNX

    I don't like the loxone strategy which is showing that it becomes a closed company with focus on proprietary products and interfaces. Therefore I want to swap out all my loxone tree products and replace them with an open standard alternative. I still need a solution to replace the Loxone touch (we have the white in matt finish in a Gira E2 frame) as well as the Loxone code touch.

    For the loxone code touch I need a simple KNX alarm which can make use of Digital inputs which are available on the KNX bus. I don't care about certifications etc. All I need is a simple code panel which triggers a digital output if the alarm fires. Seems not easy to find, any suggestions welcome.

    For the loxone touch button, we don't use the humidity portion, but we do use the temperature. So what I need is a button in matt white finish with temperature sensor in it. The MDT push button plus with a temperature sensor included would be an awesome solution, however it doesn't have a temp sensor. Now the MDT push button lite has the functionality, but it isn't available in matt finish (and a few more buttons would be great to have in a single 55mm space)... any suggestions for other options here?

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    the main problem is the matt finish, to my knowledge actually there is nothing available.
    I have the matt finished gira E2 for neraly all buttons, but as this was planed from the beginning to be KNX, i prepared 2 button places next to each other, one single on the top (Lights) and a 4 button below for shading and audio (as loxone T5 layout)
    Behind this normal matt finished gira buttons i use the binary KNX interface from MDT ( BE-06001.01). ( picture: )

    Beside the matt finish problem i find the LINGG&JANKE 87861 TA4F55TH-BCU-E KNX very interesting.


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      indeed the matt finish seems to be the problem. I guess if either MDT or L&J would provide matt finish buttons for their products then that would help quite a few of us here... Maybe some of the MDT/L&J Product management/marketing folks are reading here too