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can't login with apps or webinterface after firmware upgrade

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  • can't login with apps or webinterface after firmware upgrade

    hi all,

    i'm experiencing a problem with my installation,

    this morning i did a firmware upgrade to the latest version, after that all my devices disconected from loxone (Iphone's / ipad's / etc ... , login with apps from the windows store or the web interface won't work either , i keep getting the error that the credentials are not correct.

    i created new users to test , added the right to use Web & made them admin / even reverted to the previous firmware before the update of this morning, nothing helps ...

    i'm going to try to contact loxone support for help but maybe someone had this issue before and can push me in the right direction ...

    the only thing i see with the loxone monitor is this :

    00000866 17:50:20.437 17:50:17.584 RsaUnPad invalid 1 128 02 21

    could this be the issue ?

    the only thing that works is using my admin account with loxone Config to configure the setup ... the miniserver is working corect FYI ... (temprature / heating / motion / etc)

    thanks in advance.

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      you my friend , are a god ! , and i really should pay more attention to the changelogs ... it fixed my issue straight away and i mentioned this solution to a bunch of "loxone buddy's" , if they ever get the same problems , they know where to look !!!

      many thanks !!