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Outside Air Quality in Loxone

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  • Outside Air Quality in Loxone

    So there is a Polish company named that monitors air quality / air pollution in multiple locations in Poland and some parts of Europe (map link). They use mostly own air stations but also gather data from public / 3-party sensors. You might be lucky if you are located in a larger city in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium or Great Britain.

    They share all data they garther over a Restfull API for free with reasonable limits (1000 requests per day = max. one request every 1.5 minutes).
    I've created a simple Node-RED flow that finds the nearest sensor station relative to your GPS location and puts key measurements into MQTT broker:

    You may freely download this flow from here:
    Note: Before importing flow code, please add node-red-contrib-credentials module to your Node-RED pallete first.

    After you publish air measurements to a MQTT broker, you may ask your LoxBerry MQTT-Gateway plugin send it to Loxone Miniserver:

    Then it's pretty easy to set up some visualization for outside air quality data:

    And this is how it looks in Loxone app:

    Other possible uses of outside air quality data:
    • TTS with current quality level on leaving home pulse
    • bad air warning before taking up any sport activities (for example riding a bicycle)
    • push notification to do some actions on heavy air pollution (close windows, etc)
    • automatic action on heavy air pollution (stop ventilation, close down external blinds, etc)

    Have fun!
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    Thanks! Very nice addon