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How can I control my outside lights with a Lux sensor

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  • How can I control my outside lights with a Lux sensor

    Iv been trying to work out how to turn on outside lights at a certain lux level. Ive got the lux sensor set up and at present displays the lux level but I can not work out how to turn the outside lights on and off using it..

    I did have the lights setup using Dusk & Dawn pulses but need more control over them. I have had them working with a simple 'Less or equal' function block connected straight to the lights but that doesn't stop frequent on/off switching at the set lux threshold or other controlling mechanisms from a control point in the future like alarm flashing etc.

    Thanks in anticipation.

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    There is a function block, in German called "Schwellwertschalter", in English possibly something like threshold switch.
    In it's settings, you configure an ON and an OFF value. Therefore, you configure e.g. 200 lux for OFF and 100 lux for ON. The 200-100 is the threshold. See the Loxone documentation of the function block for details.
    Further logic can be placed behind the output of the threshold block, for example to disable or enable the lights manually or by other logic.
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      Thanks Chris, will look into that over the weekend.