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Google Translate doesn't auto-translate to English

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  • Google Translate doesn't auto-translate to English

    I have the Forum 'User interface language' set to German and Google Chrome browser recognises the German language and auto-translates to English.

    I've noticed a change in how the Forum displays in the last couple of weeks. Auto-translate often doesn't work now because Chrome isn't recognising the German language. I can right-click the screen and select 'Translate to English', which works fine. It's just the extra clicks required to read the forum make that process tedious.

    Strangely, I can also just refesh the page and the auto-translate works on the second load. So it's something on the first page-load that causes the issue.

    Some German forum threads translate fine. I don't see a consistent translation failure.

    This could be something completely unrelated to the Forum (it might be Chrome has changed the back-end translate function). But if the Forum Mods have changed something in the page header in the last couple of weeks, perhaps that might also be the cause?

    Besides learning the German language, are there any other suggestions?
    Ich spreche kein Deutsch. Gib Google Translate die Schuld, wenn ich unverständlich bin.