Zigbee / Z-Wave extension

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    Zigbee / Z-Wave extension

    Hey all,

    I have looked at the plugins page of Loxberry, but it seems that I can't find any plugin that makes the support of Zigbee or Z-Wave possible for Loxone? Are there no projects out there for Loxberry? The only one I found doesnt use Loxberry but another home automation service and only seems to support Z-Wave, no Zigbee:


  • avatarlox
    • 15.11.2020
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    Hello, I'm using Vera Plus for integration Zwave, Zigbee, etc with loxone http virtual inputs.
    Best regards


    • hme0354
      MS Profi
      • 06.07.2019
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      this is in german, but it could help you:

      Smarthome: 1x Miniserver Gen. 2, 3x Relay Extensions, 1x Tree Extension, 1x DI-Extension, 1x Air Base Extension, 8x RGBW Tree Dimmer, 9x Touch-Tree, 1x Nano DI Tree, 10x Tree BWM
      Technik: IDM Aero SLM 3-11 mit HGL, MS4H mit 9 Zonen, 2x Loxberry, 2x RPI für Anzeige, Doorbird, Froggit WH2600, POE+ System für Peripherie, Gedad Luftgütesensoren, Deconz (Bridge + 2x BWM + 2x RGBW + 5 Smartplug)


      • TomekWaw
        LoxBus Spammer
        • 25.07.2019
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        I'm using multiple Z-wave and ZigBee devices with Loxone for more than a year now.
        Everything is integrated using a single LoxBerry system running on Raspberry Pi 4B.

        I've started with FHEM so I currently use:

        1. FHEM plugin for Z-wave (using Aeotec Z-stick Gen5)
        All sensor readings are passed to MQTT and then with MQTT Plugin to Miniserver over UDP as Virtual Input commands.
        Virtual Output commands are either passed over MQTT or directly to FHEM over http API.

        2. deCONZ within Docker plugin for ZigBee (using Conbee II USB stick)
        Since I started with FHEM I pass readings from deCONZ to FHEM and then to MQTT as above.
        ZigBee/Hue bulbs control is done directly from Miniserver using PicoC script from loxforum.

        Months later ioBroker got my attention and I've started using ioBroker for any new integrations.
        I run it in a container withing Docker plugin on the same LoxBerry.
        If I was starting all now, I would use ioBroker also for Z-wave and ZigBee intergrations:

        1. For Z-wave I would recommend Z-wave2 ioBroker adapter.
        Zwave adapter is based on OpenZWave so it's a crap.
        It is possible to talk from ioBroker directly to Miniserver over websocket API using Loxone adapter, but personally I prefer using MQTT.
        So I'd use MQTT-client adapter to publish sensor readings from ioBroker to MQTT and to subscribe MQTT topics for commands control within ioBroker.

        2. For ZigBee I would still use deCONZ, but I would integrate it with ioBroker instead of FHEM now.
        There is a deCONZ adapter for ioBroker, that might be easily used with MQTT-client adapter to publish sensor readings to MQTT.

        It might all look a bit complicated at first but after you make yourself familiar with ioBroker and MQTT, its fairly easy. Give it a try.

        This is how my mostly wireless setup looks now:

        Click image for larger version  Name:	My Smart Home Map.png Views:	0 Size:	504.9 KB ID:	275421

        In real life it still looks pretty compact

        Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC02618.jpg Views:	0 Size:	919.7 KB ID:	275422
        Zuletzt geändert von TomekWaw; 16.11.2020, 13:48.
        Noch ein oder zwei Jahre mit Loxone und ich werde Deutsch sprechen


        • hme0354
          hme0354 kommentierte
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          for what are you using the to 1wire temperature sensors?

        • TomekWaw
          TomekWaw kommentierte
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          hme0354 this is a photo of a DIN rail board without a cover, but it has one As Rasberry Pi's generate some heat I wanted to monitor internal temp, just in case. I also wanted do test out the 1-Wire-NG LoxBerry plugin

        • Alex511
          Alex511 kommentierte
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          Nice panel very compact ! Which 1 wire extension are you using ? top row right hand corner with the blue 1 wire sticker and what seems like an Ethernet connection.