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Mobotix T26

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  • Mobotix T26

    Hello everyone,

    we're trying to integrate Mobotix T26 as intercom in one of our customers. We've already done that before with older T25 and everything was fine.
    With this new T26 we managed to configure it as usual and could get everything working. The only and big problem is audio quality in one direction. The person inside the house using Loxone App is perfectly hearing and understanding the one on the street. However, the person on the street, in front of the Mobotix T26, doesn't hear well enogh the other party. For example. if you count out loud from 1 to 10, he misses 2 or 3 numbers every time.
    Has anyone tested this T26 with Loxone? We already ordered a second T26 for testing purposes in our office and got the same result.
    Already tried changing Codecs and several audio properties.
    Also tried using MxBell Mobotix app and audio quality is much better, it works fine. But we need to integrate the device into Loxone.

    Any help would be really apreciated.


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    There is a setting regarding the noise of the surrounding area. I believe it is in the Audio / microphone settings, after clicking on more / mehr. I did read that on the camtelligence forum and it has helped me twice.


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      I'll take a look into that, thank you Tom78.