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Nano DI Tree

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  • Nano DI Tree

    Does this unit have a temperature sensor in it? Can it be used behind standard lighting switches?

    Are there any switches on the market that will display room temp / setpoint on them?


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    dont know about the nano di tree, but many knx buttons/switches have a display that can show temperature and/or setpoint, eg MDT Gastaster II which can be configured to work with loxone easily


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      Thats great...just wondering how easy to configure compared to a loxone switch (which auto detects /autoconfigures)?

      Also, do these switches (or any other you know of) have temperature probes built in also (like the loxone ones)?



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        MDT Glastaster II is KNX, therefore an additional software, the ETS, is required to configure KNX devices. Most KNX switches also have models with integrated temperature sensors.

        If you don't like to integrate the KNX bus, you can alternatively use 1-Wire temperature sensors. The are small like a transistor and fit behind every switch. 1-Wire requires the 1-Wire Extension, and 2 or better 3 cables for it's bus. The are very exact as they digitally submit the result via the bus.
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          knx devices arent as simple to integrate as loxones own stuff, but worth the effort in my opinion, as switches with displays, messages, icons, leds etc are far easier to use than an unlabeled loxnoe one

          there are 2 steps:
          configuring the knx device using ETS software (not very obvious but once you get the hang of it not too difficult)

          configuring loxone by manually creating knx sensors (such as buttons, temperature sensors, humidity sensors etc) and knx actuators (switches, dimmers and outputs such as sending the setpoint out to the knx switch to be displayed)