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Doorbird in Loxone microphone problem

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  • Doorbird in Loxone microphone problem


    I've installed and configured a Doorbird D101S in my Loxone config. I cannot get the audio call to work. When I open the doorbell in the Loxone app and try to connect the audio, I get the error
    The audio connection cannot be established because the microphone is already being used by another application.
    On my iPhone and iPad I can get notifications, stream video, switch the IR light and open the door.
    I've disabled permissions to the microphone for all apps except Loxone and restarted. Still the same warning.

    Has anybody encountered the same issue?

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    Deaktivita SIRI, and all is ok
    (Siri is the problem! no bullshit)


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      I received info from a fellow loxone user that it is a known bug for the loxone app on iOS (he called loxone support) and will be resolved in the next version.

      Btw, siri is already deactivated on my phone and ipad.

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    Loxone published an update for the ios app. Audio is connecting again to the doorbird station.