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Energy Management (for solar panels) link between Boxx (from and Loxone

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  • Energy Management (for solar panels) link between Boxx (from and Loxone


    I am trying to establish a good/efficient way to manage the production/consumption of energy in my house.
    Until this stage I am using Boxx from Engie (in Belgium) and it kind of worked.

    Now if I want to also calculate how much I consume locally/produce/inject also with the real prices it becomes more complicated.

    Engie proposed me to install a z-Wave Solar Kit Qubiuno Smart Meter module compatible with their Boxx, but I was wandering if it is not better to invest in a pure Loxone solution

    Module proposed by Engie :

    Modules from Loxone :

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    I have been using Loxone for energy management for a few years (solar, home battery, electric vehicle, pool pump, heat pump, aircon etc).

    I haven't used Boxx from Engie, but from my limited research, it appears well set up for monitoring energy use with some limited capacity to manually switch off consumers using the phone app.

    If you want to do energy management, then Loxone offers a powerful system to design your own purpose-built and automatic system specific to your household.

    Monitoring household energy use in Loxone is reasonably simple with a Modbus meter and a Miniserver. You might also consider what your solar system offers in terms of grid-connection monitoring (ie. Fronius has a specific meter required to integrate their solar inverter production with batteries. This meter can then provide all the data required for the household monitoring).

    You should also not under-estimate the complexity of setting up a Loxone system to do energy management. Loxone advertising appears to suggest it will all just happen 'out-of-the-box'. There is a long learning curve and you can decide how deeply to dive in. With any powerful system, there is increasing utility with increasing complexity. It must be said that the 'programming' interface in Loxone is possibly the most intuitive in the industry. It's set up for 'non-coders' and eases the task of turning your own logical ideas into workable home automation.
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