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Nano IO Air - Run Length Specification

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  • Nano IO Air - Run Length Specification

    Does anyone know if the limitation listed here: for run length maximum of 3 meters is valid for the digital inputs on the Nano IO Air. I have some runs that will go to it that will be longer then 3m for my alarm (window/door contacts)

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    I cannot get the reason why Loxone limits the Digital Input cable length to 3m.

    It won't be the voltage level (logical 1 is 7-24V), but possibly any click produces some interferences disturbing it's own radio signals.

    No estimate if it will have troubles from me.
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      Ich hatte auch auf mehr als 10m nie probleme!


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        Ich hatte auch auf mehr als 10m nie probleme!
        Good to know. Thanks!


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          Here is the response I got from Loxone:

          "A wire run above 3m will work; however, it may cause some electromagnetic interference. it is for this reason that the data sheet and I can only recommend runs 3m and under"

          Makes sense. I'm going to try it out and I'll let everyone know if I have any interference issues.