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multi-room from amplifier / squeezebox

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  • multi-room from amplifier / squeezebox


    Still am thinking about upcoming renovations... Current planning is that the renovation of the facade could start next year. Last time I asked about blinds, now it is about audio/video stuff... I have a number of Squeezeboxes, but not everything is installed as it should, and it needs to be finalized. While going over some details of my hardware I realized I could use the multi-room speaker output of my amplifier. So this got me thinking... Amplifier is a Marantz SR6001, which has line out and speakers out for zone 2 and which has speakers A and speakers B for zone one, switchable. Connected to it are a PC (connected with hdmi, optical and analog 7.1) and a Squeezebox. The amplifier is fully controllable from the PC via its serial port (this is configured) and has 5.1 speakers connected. This leaves the speaker B and the zone2 speakers empty.

    I was now thinking that if I would run some speaker cables to other rooms (e.g. kitchen and bedroom) and connect one room as speakers B and the other room as speakers for zone2. Of course the speakers B have to share the source with whatever is playing in the main room, but it being a 2 person apartment that is not a big issue and it overcomes the problem of having to put an amplifier or powered speakers. In addition, in the rooms, I could have a physical Squeezebox that is synchronized with a Squeezelite on the pc, just to have a control point and display.

    Pulling the cables may not be very difficult, as I have lowered ceiling in which cables are hidden (and the renovations will require to already add cables and perhaps even tubing there.

    Any comments on this?


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