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    Hi folks,

    i have bin working with loxone for 5 years or so now ... and i always managed to get stuff working, but now i could use some tips ... in stead of working with traditional heating , we want to use a airco unit to warm & cool down a room in the house ... i just don’t know how to connect it to loxone ... or what specifications that are neccesary for communication to be possible between loxone and the unit ... do i need to look in the specs for something particulary like KNX ... i have no clue ... can someone point me in the right direction ... ? Thanks !!

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    It's difficult to give any hints without knowing what kind of aircondition you are looking for. In general, a KNX interface would be a good way to control and monitor an aircondition with a Loxone system. Typically this interface gives you full control and also a way to get information from the aircondition, e.g. status, temperature, ..., however this option might be more expensive than other interfaces / options. There are other interfaces like web (HTTP), Modbus/TCP, Modbus, serial RS-232 and others that might be included with the product itself or at least cheaper than KNX. I would prefer modern interfaces, e.g. Modbus/TCP or HTTP / web that run over Ethernet and IP, because you don't need to add an expensive interface to the Loxone system, but "only" do some programming. If you don't have experience with programming, I would look rather for a product where other users have done this type of research already and have provided a solution, e.g. look into the Loxwiki or in this forum.

    If there is no (cheap) interface, the product might provide a simple potential free contact or an analog input e.g. 0-10V input that allows some external control for the product. As a last option you may open the control unit and do you own wiring, e.g. a simple switch or pushbutton may be replaced by a relay that can be controlled via Loxone. A knob to adjust e.g. the temperature which is actually a potentiometer may be replaced by an array of relays that gives a specific resistance (in steps).

    As an example I can point to the Stiebel Eltron heat pump that I own (it is not an aircondition, I know). In the Loxwiki there are different ways to integrate this product into a Loxone system: you may add the ISG web (a web interface), Modbus/TCP which is included in newer versions of the ISG web, some versions have a serial interface and if you like to dig further and do some research, you may connect directly to the CAN bus.
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      I'm also heading down this path with a couple of existing Daikin split-system airconditioners. After a bit of research, I settled on Zennio KNX gateways. They seem to have broad support for a number of aircon brands.

      A pre-requisite is that the aircon has an 'S21' port. Cost for the Daikin gateway was €151.00. The KNX power supply was €100.

      I'm still awaiting arrival of the KNX power supply. I've done as much pre-reading as I can on programming the device with the ETS software, so I can't claim success just yet...
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        I will do that by an Wemos D1 mini with an IR Diode. Then I can control it over WiFi. The only disadvantage is that you won't get any response. But I am able to control it.

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