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Vaillant <-> Loxone

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  • Vaillant <-> Loxone

    I have two options to connect my new vaillant geotherm installation.
    Both of these options requeire a module from ISE one is KNX based the other one MODBUS server.
    In light of the new controller im wondering what the best choise whould be

    please help me disside

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    I am a frequent user of Modbus/Loxone with a solar/battery installation. I have limited use of KNX with one airconditioner.

    Modbus features -

    1. Direct connection to the Miniserver via Modbus TCP (ethernet - no further costs required),
    2. Use within Lox Config is relatively straight forward,
    3. Update rate is good at 5-10 seconds.

    KNX features -

    1. Direct connection to the Miniserver KNX line but external KNX power supply is required (this is a specific 30V supply that is only built for KNX devices),
    2. Use within Loxone is limited to a couple of KNX compatible blocks (one switch and one lighting),
    3. Programming is difficult with a separate programming app called ETS5 for the KNX device. This is a really clunky and non user-friendly app for new users. The ETS5 software is free for less than five KNX devices.
    4. Update rate is programmed via the ETS5 tool.

    I would highly recommend Modbus given the option.
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        Raspi + ebus Adapter + Node-Red

        cheaper and much more flexible than the „official“ solution (Check the FHEM Forum die the ebus Adapter.)


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          Also a LoxBerry-installation could be a solution:

          I did not test this plugin yet.
          But I do use the referred ebusd along with and a Esera-EBus-Adapter to bring my Vaillant-heatpump VWL 82/3 S into my KNX-system.

          Regards, Oliver