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Loxone RemoteConnect versus VPN for Intercom

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  • Loxone RemoteConnect versus VPN for Intercom

    I've recently upgraded a Miniserver Gen 1 to the new Miniserver. For external access, I've previously used a manually started VPN on the iOS device, before launching the Loxone app.

    With the new Miniserver, I wish to utilise the Loxone RemoteConnect feature to speed up the process of connection when a visitor rings the video intercom (Grandstream GDS3710). By the time a VPN is established, I fear the visitor will be long gone from the front gate.

    So far, I've got RemoteConnect working fine except for links to other internal IP's on the home network. As an example, the 'Webpage' function blocks that point to a Grafana instance on a Loxberry fail to load from the Loxone app when 'RemoteConnected'.

    I can get the intercom video working when external to the home network only if I set up port forwarding to the intercom IP (and set an appropriate DynDNS URL in the external video stream in the intercom function block). Unfortunately, this also has the undesired effect of facing the intercom admin login screen towards the internet. It's just a username and password away from someone accessing all the intercom settings.

    I feel RemoteConnect 'should' be able to do this without port forwarding. The Loxone help instructions say the following -

    URL video stream (external)
    URL for video stream
    The keyword 'clouddns' is used as a placeholder for the external IP address of the Miniserver
    and is dynamically replaced by our apps and the web interface.
    Please note that in order to access the camera image remotely it is required to set up port forwarding on your router.
    Please adjust the port (8090 in above example).
    On the second generation Miniserver the keyword 'remoteConnect' can be used to access via Remote Connect without port forwarding.

    What settings do people have for video intercom and Loxone RemoteConnect?
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