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  • POST http input

    Hi, does anyone know if it is possible at all to make Loxone react to a POST call depending on the data in the POST?
    I don't mean Loxone sending a POST command, I mean receiving it and parsing the content of the POST.
    An example on where to use this is to react to the callback from a Nuki lock sent when the status changes (instead of a constant polling with get commands).
    I have contacted Loxone for a year already in different occasions with "similar" problem reports or feature requests hoping for the correct person to get the call, but the best I got is a "we will send it to the developers". And nothing happens. I did not see anything related to this in the last changelog for v12.2

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    Not possible.

    For Nuki Callback handling, you may use the LoxBerry Nuki SmartLock plugin.

    For generic POSTs, you may try the MQTT Gateway Generic GET/POST/JSON receiver.
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