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Shelly EM3 UDP

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  • Shelly EM3 UDP

    I am trying to implement the shelly EM3 into my loxone system.

    I have managed to connect it to the miniserver with the UDP template from the WIKI, However all the Virtual inputs are labelled in German, i have managed to translate / figure out from readings: Power factor, Voltage, watts but aren't sure what the others are for.

    My next question is i aren't sure how to impliment it into the loxone app and was just wondering if anyone that has done it previously could share their code / programming that would be amazing.


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    Energie Lieferung is energy returned
    Enerigie Bezug is energy in Wh
    Spannung is voltage
    Wirkleistungsfaktor is power factor
    Strom is current
    Leistung is power

    then there is the relay status

    add the 3 power inputs to your config and add them using a 4-way add block to give you the total power consumption
    you will have to divide by 1000 to give you kW

    if you add the result into Pf of a 'utility meter' you get outputs for consumption eg today, yeterday, this week, last week etc etc
    multiply each output by the cost per kwh (use an analog iput to set this) to give the cost today, yesterday, this week etc

    ive pushed the current usage/cost to a text output of an MDT Glass II to give me a visible reading of the current consumption cost rather like a 'smart meter' dispaly
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