Please be aware that electrical installations should be performed by a qualified person.
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Electric strike lock wiring

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  • Christian Fenzl
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    At the non-„DC“-specific types, the spec mentions each AC and DC power consumption. Non is listed as AC-only.
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  • Iksi
    He said he has 8-12V, when you click the link there are some models where 12-24VDC is written but with 8-12V there is no DC behind it. So I think he is right that he needs an 8-12V Transformer.

    You can either switch the 230V to the Transformer with an digital output of Loxone or you can switch the 12V.I would prefer switching the 230V I f you do not need the 12V for anything else. I am doing the same with my doorbell...

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  • Christian Fenzl
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    From my understanding, all models also support DC. Double-check that.
    Possibly you don’t need another AC trafo if you already have 12-24 VDC somewhere.
    From my main door I know, with DC it doesn’t „rrrrrrrr“ but only „click“ if unlatching. This might be a reason to stay with AC.

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  • Loxtom577
    Yes, it is.

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  • Asalways
    hat ein Thema erstellt Electric strike lock wiring

    Electric strike lock wiring

    Hi All,

    since our renovation last year we have chosen for the loxone system which we are pretty happy with. Next to our house we have a door to the garden where we have installed the nfc touch. However, at the time of installation the electric strike lock was not yet installed.
    This is the strike lock :
    my question is how to wire this to the miniserver so we can use the nfc touch to unlock the door (code or key fobs)? The nfc is already configured and working.
    The electric strike needs 8 - 12 ac so I have to use a transfo (230dc -> 12v ac) I guess? However, i'm not sure if I can connect the transfo to the Q7 port on the miniserver and then to the electric strike. Is this diagram correct?

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    appreciate any info or feedback.
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