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lighting controller and knx

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  • lighting controller and knx


    How do I control a knx light using the lighting controller?

    I have a eib sensor connected to an eib pushbutton block, connected to an eib actuator.

    To activate this light using the lighting controller, what do I connect?
    Is the Aq output a "switch" or a "smart actuator?"
    My first idea was to connect the Aq of the lighting block to the O input of the knx block, but I feel this may prevent changing the light using a knx lightswitch.
    Would it be possible to covert the output of Aq somehow to something that connects to TR?
    Or would I need an "extended actuator" and have signals for on/off?

    (I will have the same question regarding an eib dimmer....)


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    This has been (and is) heavily discussed in the German forums.
    The lightning controller has no status inputs for EIB actuators, therefore you have to program your switches and actuators "dumb" to fit to the Loxone system.
    Therefore, all switches send their button presses to the Miniserver (lightning controller), and the Miniserver to the actuators.

    Every KNX button sensor is not configured as switch, but with the mode "send ON on press" and "send OFF on release" (or something equal). In this setting every button works like a Loxone DI.

    If you want status lights on the button sensors, you create actuator outputs that send the light state from MS to the group address of the LED of the sensor.

    Dimming is the same with other EIS type of the actuators.

    Could you imagine what I've tried to explain? ;-)
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      I get it... So either in ETS it is necessary to change things, similar to how Loxone shows it on their website for an extended knx sensor, or I have to come up with something else... As I do not know KNX (nor have the license), I will either have to contact my installer or try something in Loxone. My installer configured all knx lights with an address from which I can get the status (e.g. 1/1/1 switches a light whereas 1/2/1 gives me the status of the light), the leds on the switches are connected to sync with that. At the moment, I store the states of a light in a memory flag (one for every light), which is then used as input to the S of a eib pushbutton (to show the correct status of the button in the loxone app).

      I suspect that it should be possible to create some logic that can trigger the TR input of my eib pushswitch block. Just of the top of my head, I imagine something like:
      if (light is on) and (Aq of the lighting block changes from 0 to 1) then do not trigger (the light is already on)
      if (light is on) and (Aq of the lighting block changes from 1 to 0) then trigger (the light is on and should be switched off)
      if (light is off) and (Aq of the lighting block changes from 0 to 1) then trigger (the light if off and should be switched on)
      if (light is off) and (Aq of the lighting block changes from 1 to 0) then do not trigger (the light is already off)
      The first condition I should have in the memory flag, the second one I think can be achieved with a push switch ( ), to change the permanent on/off into a change.

      It would of course still allow a person to change a light (using e.g. a physical knx light switch), and the loxone lighting controller would not know of this change and still assume it is in the same scene-mode. But if that is the only issue, I could live with it...

      Seems like something to test when I have the chance...
      I would have to check which addresses I have for the dimmers...

      More stuff to try... Thanks!!

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        edit: removed some wrong question...

        The above part may solve the actuators but not yet send the status of the lights to the lighting block. I'm thinking now if I cannot use the inputs (I1, I2, ...) to tell the lighting block the status of the lights as they are. I suspect they behave as the outputs (1 when the light is on, 0 when it is off)? I think something should be possible using the current knowledge of the lights. One more thing to look at.

        I have found some threads on the German forum and the seem to contain some examples, so I will check there. The most difficult thing is that the configuration of the knx can be different...

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