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Can't reprogram MDT AKK-1616.02

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  • Can't reprogram MDT AKK-1616.02

    Hi, i have an MDT AKK-1616.02 actuator. Programmed this one about a year ago and worked flawlessly. No i want to reprogram it using ETS 5.6.4 but when i push the programming button on the device nothing happens. The red led goes on, but ETS does not start the download. The actuator still works perfectly with the old configuration. I can see this in the bus monitor. It looks as if the device never goes into programming mode. I already complete powered off the bus. Removed and recreated the device completely in ETS. No solution. I programmed an AKK-1616.03 with success. Broken AKK-1616.02?

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    some versions of loxconfig dont work with some versions of ETS as a gateway for programming purposes - eg the current beta

    the current release version seems to work with 5.5.4

    try an older version of ETS, or possibly reflash the miniserver to an older version, or a separate knx programming interface instead of using the miniserver


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      Forgot to mention. I use an MDT knx ip/usb gateway.


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        ok - so can you reprogram any other devices?


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          Yes, i programmed and reprogrammed several different devices. I've contacted MDT support, and they suggested to send the device back for repair.


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            its obviously not ETS or loxone then, so sounds like returning it is the only solution


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              I had a similar problem...
              Are you 100% sure that you use the correct driver version (.02) for this device. I would delete it from the ETS and reinstall it from the MDT archive download site. Do not use the driver for the .03....

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