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sunrise minus 1 hour

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    Just wanted to report back on how this was solved. In the end, I did not use the switch modules. Not the normal and not the EIB. Just a direct link between the comparative modules and the actuator. In order to turn on the outside light using the KNX group address, I used the comparison module "larger than". Equal just turned on the light for the one minute, the 2 values were equal ie: on and off. Using the "larger than" kept the lights on until the daylight KNX sensor turned it off again.

    As the "equal" only turns the actuator on for one minute, then off again, it seems to work ok to disable the KNX movement sensors . When reaching the "equal" minute it enables the movement sensors as they are already enabled. After a minute, the "equal" turns off and thus also disables the 2 movement sensors.

    I found it strange that neither of the 2 switches were able to turn off the eib actuators. I tried all possible combinations, but it never worked. Not the trigger, not the O and not the R. Perhaps my Loxone knowledge is still too weak.