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Questions: Alexa/Habridge on/off and music alternative ?

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  • Questions: Alexa/Habridge on/off and music alternative ?

    Hi Everyone,

    I’ve been reading posts for about 1 year but never posted. I’ve just recently completed a new house build and I chose Loxone and been living with it for almost 4 months, a few items I would do differently but overall I’m happy. Now that I’ve been living with it, I’m starting to learn and play a little…….. as a result I would appreciate your advice / guidance based on your experience or recommendations.

    My Vision is to control some Smart functions (not all) by issuing voice commands to Alexa (lights, blinds, music etc) to control Loxone. I’ve made some determinations based on my experience around what will and won’t be practical for my household to use (adopt), I would like to have an Alexa in each room preferably hidden in the ceiling so it doesn’t clutter…. I want the voice commands to be simple, intuitive when spoken as well as isolated to that area: (Alexa1 controls only items in Room1) and (Alexa2 only controls items in Room2) so it becomes intuitive when a family member issues commands, for example im going to avoid “Alexa turn off Daughters light” and in another room “Alexa Turn off Sons Light”, the command im going to use is simply “Alexa Turn off light”, I will achieve that via isolating commands from a fixed IP on an Echo to only allow certain virtual inputs to be activated (lights-on/off/dim/blinds-up/down in each room) and I’ve decided the Echo sound quality isn’t that bad either and ill be streaming music from Spotify or Amazon (the sound quality is acceptable for me / kids and im not an audiophile) the goal is to listen to streaming music independently in every room (this last part might need more work than expected and maybe multiple accounts its WIP).
    1. I’m using HaBridge running on a RasberryPi, to react to Alexa commands. I can isolate commands to a room by assigned IP -> to only activate devices in that room, example “Alexa Turn lights on” proximity echo sensors issues command IP isolation determines only XX commands can be used and I have room mapped), then issues command via HaBridge using HTTP which is a Pulse to activate light/blind in that room. Currently my switches (virtual lighting controller) are set-up as pulse, this is fine for physical switches however when adding alexa/habridge the Pulse command can be confusing as it does not understand the state, Examples If lights are “off” and we issue an Alexa command “Alexa turn lights off” it turns lights on, so essentially it doesn’t matter if I issue “on” or “off” since it’s just a pulse!
      1. Does anyone have a similar set-up and know how to issue a true HTTP “On / Off” command to loxone rather than just a pulse, everything I’ve tried doesn’t seem to work?
    1. Music: as I mentioned above id like to install the Echo Dots, in every room, listen to music independently, house the Echo / dot speakers in the ceiling (essentially I want to hide them). The Loxone Music server is simply too expensive, I no longer use local MP3 but stream via Spotify and Amazon Music (its all I need), I’ve been looking at some ceiling mounts and the best I’ve seen so far, that seem to best meet my needs are from by Origin Acoustics, who also do a 6 Zone Amp, but id like to get to 12 zones and that ends up being pricey just like the loxone Music server. I love the ceiling mounts, the amp is too expensive so I would like to get your feedback what better affordable alternative solutions exist
      1. Does anyone have or thinking of a “similar” set-up - im open to all suggestions?
    1. Also is HaBridge the right approach or should I look into others?
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