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Control of (MARANTZ SR8012) AV Receiver via Loxone (app)

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  • Control of (MARANTZ SR8012) AV Receiver via Loxone (app)


    I bought a new apartment with already installed LOXONE Miniserver. As the electrical installations are not completed yet, I still have an opportunity to ask for minor additional wiring, extensions etc. Since I already have a pair of floor standing B&W speakers that I intend to use in my new setup as well, and I also want to integrate sound with TV, and some additional inputs, I have opted for an AV receiver MARANTZ SR8012. I have installed some additional speaker wiring for built-in ceiling speakers (for total 7 built in speakers) in 3 different zones thorough the apartment.

    The receiver supports HEOS and has a variety of possible inputs, including RS-232C, Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet etc.

    With this regards I have the following questions:

    1. Does any of you has any experience in integration of the AV receiver (preferably Marantz) into the LOXONE setup, so it could be controlled via LOXONE app and what is your experience with that?

    2. What kind of additional hardware (e.g. LOXONE extensions) and additional wiring would be needed for the integration to work best?

    3. If an integration is possible, what is the set of commands / functionalities of the AV receiver that can be controlled via LOXONE app?

    Many thanks for your assistance.


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    I assume you can control your AVR via the Ethernet connection. Most Denon/Marantz AVRs support control over telnet/RC232C connections via Ethernet. The actual AVR control itself (power on/off, zone select, mode select, etc) are often done via telnet at port 23. For music/stream selection, this is done via the HEOS CLI interface, often via port 1255. Google a bit on internet or this forum to get the list of Denon/Marantz RC232C control spec and Heos CLI spec. To test yourself, simply open a telnet session (e.g. putty) and access your receiver at <IP address>:<port> to get familiar with the commands and options. For example, power on is something like PWON<CR>

    In order to get the control buttons in the Loxone App, you need to add some configurations to the Loxone Config software and upload this to the miniserver. In Loxone Config, you can create virtual inputs and outputs to communicate via the telnet interface and add commands to buttons, etc.

    This means there is no additional hardware required, assuming that the Loxone miniserver is connected to the same LAN as you AVR.


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      think about using a raspberry (maybe also a loxberry) with an Installation of Node-Red. There are already Nodes for Loxone and Nodes for Marantz/Denon AVR.
      that will make it easier to integrate and you can use that for many more.
      Also i would use additional Raspberrys as Squeezebox Players. Connect this to your SR8012 and use the different Zones for Amplification in different Rooms.
      Use a regular Squeezebox-Server or musicserver4lox. Both are able to integrate in Loxone.
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        For Telnet connections, the Miniserver does not support bidirectional connections, that means,
        • You CAN send button presses and function calls via Telnet and they are processed, but you don't get the response.
        • You CANNOT query information from the device via Telnet, as Miniserver does not provide bidirectional communication.
        Bidirectional TCP connection can be done by LoxBerrys TCP2UDP-Plugin, enabling you to request information, or listen to state changes sent by the receiver via Telnet tcp connection.
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