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Loxone Modbus + Inepro PRO-380-Mod PM

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  • Loxone Modbus + Inepro PRO-380-Mod PM

    Dear Community,

    I have a Loxone based system with a ModBus extension. I bought an Inepro PRO-380-Mod PM to capture my power consumption. As it has a Modbus interface and as I have the Modbus Extension for Loxone it seemed quite obvious to capture the data with Loxone.

    That's it for the idea, but the execution is not that easy. Wiring the PM to Loxone extension is not a big deal, 2x0,4 twisted wire, it is only about 1m from the PM so distance is not an issue.

    For some reason I can not reach the PM through Loxone.

    For the PM I have a very detailed manual, all the primary settings like, Modbus adress, baud rate, parity, stop bits are set correctly. In the manual I have the register addresses, and data types for reading out the data. Like this:

    Eg: Total Active Power register address is 2080 , and 4 data blocks (2*32 bit register?), and data type is floating point with Big Endian byete order.

    I set up Loxone Modbus device (analoge senzors) like this:

    And despite this, after the polling I do not have any value from this sensor. I tried to run the Miniserver monitor and filter to Modbus activity, I get this error message on polling:

    It saying : invalid receive - length.... (the ide after that is exetnsion address).

    Do anybody any clue where I went wrong, and how could I enforce this two device to communicate with each other? I tried to use different data types but no luck with them. Any help is much appreciated.

    Best Regards,
    Istvan Madai
    Inepro Modbus Registers Loxone Modbus Settings Loxone monitor extract
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    Sorry, issue closed. Inepro given the register numbers in hex not in decimals. Using Hex2Dec conversion for register address and use float and Combine 2 32 bit option works fine!


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      Kann man das Thema bitte noh mal aufgreifen? Ich hab schon alles versucht aber es funktioniert nicht. Vielleicht kann mir das jemand genauer erklären anhand eines Beispiels.


      Schöne Grüße!