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Loxone Ultrasonic Sensor - UB6000-F42-U-V15

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  • Loxone Ultrasonic Sensor - UB6000-F42-U-V15


    I have an ultrasonic sensor (UB6000-F42-U-V15 purchased from loxone) which I have recently started to integrate into my setup. Right now the readings do not match what I would expect. I am trying to determine if it is to do with my calibration or something to do with the way I have it wired in.

    Would someone be able to clarify a couple of things for me?
    1. How should the sensor be wired? Is it just one connection (the analogue output from the sensor -Ub) into one of the loxone analogue inputs? Or does it also need a power supply?
    2. Can someone explain the sensitivity settings to me please?

    In case it helps the purpose of the sensor for now is to measure the depth of water in a tank. The distance from the sensor to the floor of the tank is 1.57m. The distance from the sensor to the maximum water level in the tank when full is 0.22m. (Yes I realise this inside the unmeasurable range at start of the sensor but I am willing to accept the tank as full once it is inside this range -accuracy in this range is not important.)

    I appreciate any guidance people have on wiring and/configuration of this sensor.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Hey Mary,

    if I search the sensor info I end up with the Pepper&Fuchs sensor.

    in the documents I found the connection diagram.
    You need to connect 1 to the +24v and 5 to gnd.
    4 goes to your loxone analog input.

    thats the correct way to connect imho.


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      I can't find it in English.
      But it works this way. You can set the min and max levels using the buttons on the sensor. But I haven't tried that because this is not easy when you cannot empty/fill the tank easily. Mine is 5000l
      Knowledge Base Verkabelung Anschluss des Ultraschallsensors   Der Ultraschallsensor wird mit 24V DC über den braunen Anschlussdraht versorgt. Blau wird an Ground angeschlossen. Am schwarzen Draht wird der 0-10V Analogwert ausgegeben.   Einstellen der Grenzen Zum Lernen der unteren Grenze wird die Taste A1 für mindestens 2 Sekunden betätigt. Eine erfolgreiche Einstellung wird durch schnelles …


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        Thank you both for the suggestions and advice. With that additional information I succeeded in getting it working.


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          Hi, I also have problems installing the sensor. I assume my connections are done correctly: Blue cable GND, Brown + 24 V and black cable is on the AI4 analog input.
          Miniserver is measuring 0 V. Is it necessary to connect the GND of the analog input (orange connector) to the gnd of the power supply? Or are the GND connectors of a Miniserver, internally connected.

          I didn't set the upper and lower levels on the Sensor, because like BDP I cannot empty/fill tank easily.
          Any suggestions?


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            nazboy I followed the example shown on the German documentation posted by BDP and connected as follows:
            Brown -> +24V
            Blue -> GND
            Black -> Orange (Analogue Input of miniserver)

            Then in the miniserver I defined the measurement limits. I did not adjust the default values through learning I just used the Loxone configuration to compensate for the amounts that they were off. As mentioned, I don't care too much if the tank is full. This can be slightly inaccurate.


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              mars21 that is exactly what i'm doing. I will check cable and measure first between black and blue what value I become.
              Thx anyway