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DMX and using led strips in parallel

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  • DMX and using led strips in parallel

    Hi, i have the classic (not tree or air) DMX extension with DMX rgbw dimmer. I have a setup where i need to control four 24V white led strips simultanuously. Meaning they poweron/poweroff all at the same time and receive the same current (so they all produce the same amount of light). In practice (without loxone setup) this would mean they are connected in parallel to the power supply. The documentation of the dmx rgbw dimmer mentions you can bridge outputs. Does this mean i can wire my four led strips to for example the + and r channel of the dimmer? Which would leave me the other channels to do the same (for additional led strips). I noticed there is no limit mentioned in the documentation on the amount of current the dimmer can handle. My four led strips currently draw 2,7 A.

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    I don't know, what DMX Dimmer you are using, but - if nowhere is documented the maximum A or W per channel, then you better don't use it at all.

    Bridging means, to connect the RGB(W) outputs of the dimmer to get the available power per channel multiplied by the number of outputs.
    This is the opposite of your plan, to connect multiple strips to one channel.

    As long as you do not overload the channel, you can run the strips in parallel.
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      Hi Christian, it's the Loxone dimmer. I actually found the number of current and Watts per channel documented here :

      50W or 2 A per channel.