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Dimming LEDs fluctuating in brightness depending on mains voltage.

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  • Dimming LEDs fluctuating in brightness depending on mains voltage.


    I'm using the Dimmer Extension with 220V LED lights (Philips Dimtone).

    I'm facing the following problem: The brightness of the light is not stable.
    The brightness varies a lot when the mains voltage is fluctuating a little bit. For example when the oven or coffee maker is heating up the lights go softer.

    Is there a setting in the dimmer to compensate for this?


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    almost all mains dimmers will do this, as the peak voltage is passed through to the device you are dimming - only the leading or trailing lower voltage portions of the mains voltage is cut off with a dimmer. there isnt any setting that will deal with it, and the dimtone bulbs seem particularly prone.

    some makes of bulbs may be less prone to this so you could try different models, and its worth checking that your mains supply/connections/neutral are tight, but if you are at the end of a long cable then theres probably not much you can do.


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      Thanks for your quick reply.
      I just bought 40 Dimtone lamps so I will have to use them :-)


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        My problem of fluctuating Dimtone LED lights has been solved by changing the dimming type to "leading-edge" instead of the default "trailing-edge".