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Presence Detection : 1 wire / Faradite PIRs vs Texecom Alarm integration

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  • Presence Detection : 1 wire / Faradite PIRs vs Texecom Alarm integration

    Hi everybody , first post here i am trying to plan out my loxone self build.

    I was planning on using Faradite PIR sensors with lux to implement presence detection and also control dimming Low lux ---> increase Dimming and visa versa.

    I was also planning to use Texecom alarm system as loxone is not certified / recognized by my insurance company.

    Now as texecom can be integrated into loxone, If i have read the other threads correctly I should be able to pass on the triggers from the texecom pirs and use them as triggers for my lighting in loxone. I was wondering what the drawbacks would be to not using separate PIR sensors. Just want to make sure im not missing anything.


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    a few things to consider:

    1) the faradite sensors (along with many others) are pir motion sensors not presence detectors - they will detect motion but not when a person is sitting relatively still in a room
    2) if you need presence sensors you need to look elsewhere
    3) if you are fitting texecom pir sensors anyway, then you may as well use them as movement detectors for that location rather fit another pir movement detector
    4) will the texecom to loxone interface be quick enough to act as motion sensor when you enter a room?
    5) just a thought - the insurance saving for having an approved alarm is often so little that is it worth it? why not sacrifice £10-20 per year discount and get rid of the ugly texecom pir sensors and use the nicer faradite ones or some other discreet presence detectors as required. Insurance discounted with alarms isnt usually valid if you are in the house, get burgled asleep but havnt set the alarm, so again worth considering not officially having an alarm for insurance purposes, but use the loxone alarm for your own peace of mind (and remote monitoring)


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      Hey Duncan thanks for the reply!

      1 & 2) You are correct but as I'm new to this I havnt seen anything that can be implemented reasonably. I saw some knx kit but way over my budget at around £500 a pop. Have tried searching on the forum and also made a post on the German side to ask what's the German term for presence detection. Google translate works great to read posts but not for the search function. Could you point me in the right direction

      4) had not considered the lag.

      5) Yes texecom sensors are Very ugly. Will try get some comparative quotes for insurance to see the difference.


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        PIR‘s in German are „Bewegungsmelder“.
        Presence detectors are “Präsenzmelder“.

        But not always trust the sayings/wording in the forum. Many people don’t know the difference and are talking about presence detectors but technically are pir’s.
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          there are loads of presence detectors starting around £50, some 24v and some knx - some are larger/uglier than others

          do you need movement detectors (eg entering a corridor) or presence detectors (sat at an office desk or watching tv)?


          beg luxomat pd9 mini is available in 24v

          knx sensors at reasonable prices:

          beware that some have relays in that click on triggering - really annoying when you are sat at your office desk...
          there are less 12v ones around and even less 24v particularly if you are trying for the discreet look, which is why the faradite one is reasonable but its only a movement sensor not a presence detector
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            or presence detectors (sat at an office desk or watching tv)? .... exactly this or in a toilet

            a walk around in thinking of is to use movement detectors to turn on the light and then have a switched off function .