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severe card error

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  • severe card error


    On occasion, I get a severe card error in the log in Loxone Config. Seems like a wise thing to replace it...

    I know that Loxone recommends their own cards, but would any industrial grade microSD be ok? (e.g. SanDisk Industrial, Transcend High Endurance, Transcend Industrial, ...)
    (I'm guessing even a consumer grade card would work, but for this 24/7 use I can see why it could cause issues)

    Of course this starts happening just before holidays! Offices for Loxone are closed from 24/12 till 06/01, so it would be nice to know I can make a spare card, as I'm not sure I would receive a card before 24/12 if I order it now...

    edit: It seems an end-user can no longer order from Loxone directly... The webshop is only for sales to partners... I have an account, I purchased my Miniserver directly, some 7 years ago, but now I do not have the purchase option... So it seems I'll first have to find a partner if I cannot use third party sd cards...

    If a normal (industrial grade) card works, which size of card (for a Miniserver Gen1)?


    Zuletzt geändert von J V; 20.12.2020, 14:56. Grund: I wrote that there is no option for SD card formatting, but it appears after you select the sd card in the periphery tree (under Miniserver).

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    Here is a list of sd cards people are using:

    The card must not be above 16 GB.
    Industrial grade cards usually are only improved against dust and heat. The flash chip type MLC usually is the same.
    SLC type cards last 10 times longer, but are rare, small and pricing is around the factor 20-40 higher then MLC cards.
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      Thanks for the link!

      I may have a compatible 2GB card lying around, but will order a new one. The slot on miniserver is quite hard to reach (I need to remove it), and better to start with a brand new card to maximize the lifetime.

      edit: The cards I had lying around are old no-names... no point in trying. It is surprisingly tricky to find cards that are 16 GB or less... , to the point that the original Loxone ones are almost competitive in price... If it would be possible to order from them I just would...

      Best regards
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        I contacted Loxone, and they are willing to ship a card to an end user, which is nice of them. Shipping costs are quite ridiculous though, but not different from the international shipping costs on German webshops I found.

        I only found one of the cards on the compatibility list in a local webshop, but I'm not 100% sure it is the same one, so I figured there is a bit of risk... And the card is quite expensive anyway for a 8GB card - for which if it is not compatible I would have no other use. I thought it better to go with the short pain and just get the card directly from Loxone: it occasionally shows the error after 7 years of non-stop operation... not too shabby.