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eldoLED DT8 Loxone Device Type

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  • eldoLED DT8 Loxone Device Type

    Has anyone got eldoLED drivers working with the Loxone DT8 support?

    I can create a DT8 device in Loxone Config, but the pairing process overwrites the device type property and shows it as "Supports multiple types", as a result, it is only available in Loxone as a single AQ (dimmer) output!

    The problem seems to be that the eldoLED driver doesn't use the most basic way of declaring device type which fools Loxone's seemingly limited support for the standard.

    Anyone had this issue or have any idea?

    eldoLED DT8

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    Other DT8

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    Any news on this issue?


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      Yes, I found the problem is that the EldoLED drivers support DT6 and DT8 and in this case, Loxone should pick DT8, but it doesn't.

      Loxone created a defect for this couple of months ago. In the meantime, the only workaround I found is to create devices in Loxone from a different DT8-only driver and then manually change the DALI address.

      Creating a DALI DT8 device manually works, but has the problem that Loxone defaults to RGB color control in this case, and provides no way to change it to Tc.


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        Many thanks for the information! I will give it a try. Hopefully Loxone will fix this issue in the near future…