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    new user here and have some questions regarding loxone.

    I'm in Canada and building a new home. Its going to be a 6300sq ft, 2 level construction. Looking to automate lighting, heating, cooling abd shades.

    There are only 2 installers that do loxone automation. One is an electrician and the other Seems like a small builder that had loxone installed in his home and is now a Loxone partner. Every other HA installer is is either Control4, Crestron, Savant etc.

    I got quotes from both the Loxone installers. The electrician hasn't detailed how he is going to accomplish the install, the builder is going all wireless.

    Since this is a new build, I suspect the builder is pushing for wireless because it's easy for him. I don't want to do wireless. The electrician is too busy to sit down or even get back to me via email.

    Loxone hasn't been of much help. At this point I'm considering Control4 since there isn't any huge difference in price and there is a lot of local support.

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    ask the builder to requote using wired infrastructure?


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      He isn't interested in doing the wired install. I suspect that this might be his first install. Loxone's position is that the partner knows best. I'm unable to understand how a purely wireless system is the better choice in a new build.


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        I guess the Control4 quotes you got involve wires? So no problem for them apparently...
        If there were compelling technical reasons for why Canadian houses cannot handle wired Loxone HA, the installer should be able to tell you about them...
        I don't know anything about Control4 but I find it hard to imagine a reason for Control4 wiring to be possible while Loxone wiring ist not.


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          I also don't know Control4, but - from the website - it looks like a wireless system as well.

          I think both your partners are new in Loxone and are afraid of making mistakes in planning and wiring.

          So it's up to you if you give it a (wired) try, and possibly you can get one of your partners to give you some "learning discount" (if things take longer than planned).

          This forum is a platform of many Loxone users and partners that can help with planning and ideas. But, I need to mention, most are German/Austrian/Swiss (and from other European countries), therefore we possibly cannot help on Canadian electrical standards/laws. This part must be done from your local partner. Also, this platform is not managed or supported by Loxone, but from the community.

          Loxone is wired like a PLC. Traditional push switches usually are cabled with CAT cables. Additionally it uses interfaces like 1-Wire for temperature sensing, and you can use Loxone's proprietary Tree bus, or the KNX standard bus for add additional devices.

          I would also try to contact Loxone again, asking for additional support planning your house as wired house. As Loxone is new to your continent, it might be a reference project with special support.

          Best regards from Europe :-)
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            Thanks for the detailed response Christian.

            My other concern is Loxone being so new, at least to North America.


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              That shouldn't be your concern.
              Loxone based Systems are already well approved all over the world (I know some entertainment installations (water cinema) done by a friend of mine in Asia. In earlier times they used Crestron for this but for system stability reasons they changed to Loxone a few years ago).

              As Christian said, try to get in touch with Loxone In Austria, I am sure they will give you special support and maybe also discount, to get a reference project in your country.
              Smarter Gruß,


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                i would allways recommend wired, instead of wireless. New houses have more and more isolation materials and other "wireless signals" that can reduce signal strength...
                a wired installation is much more secure.


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                  I am a Loxone partner located in Canada. Did you have a successful Loxone project? or do you require further help?


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                    Hi Ambul,

                    just starting electrical. I've pretty much given up on loxone