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Loxone based home - security concerns + media server capabilities

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  • Loxone based home - security concerns + media server capabilities

    Hello all,
    I'm building a brand new house, designed to be controlled by smart home systems (cables etc). Loxone miniserver will be the heart, I understand its functions and capabilities, but I struggle with media server integration and related security.

    I'm now in a process of designing home network, deciding whether to buy Media Server as part of it and am struggling a bit.

    1. Media Server capabilities - AirPlay is out of consideration, we are nonApple household. From what I've read around, MS cannot act as DLNA client (fetching audio content from single NAS/DLNA server simultaneously for multiple zones at once). It seems to be capable of either playing inet content and offline collection on local HDD, but playback from LAN located DLNA server seems unavailable. Can anyone confirm/correct me?
    2. network/subnet separation - Mikrotik router will be used to create WiFis (one for family/trusted devices, other for guests with no LAN access) and LAN routing, rules etc. I want to separate Loxone infrastructure traffic from user traffic to a dedicated subnet, isolating it as far as possible. Config app would be installed on single virtual machine, no other IPs allowed to communicate with miniserver on control port. Upnp disabled. Any other hints/suggestions or even better - drawn designs to mitigate threats that IoT/malware age brings?
    3. Has anyone tried to capture Media Server image for P2V migration - idea is to run XenServer or other hypervisor on MS HW, MS OS/SW as virtual machine with necessary device mappings etc. , leaving some space for other VMs.

    I've spent some time digging around this forum as well as Google's Loxone English group and found only marginal answers (for example, replacing MS with MusicServer4Lox could be partial answer to virtualization, but losing direct integration with miniserver, enforcing manual creation of functions etc is not a good tradeoff...).

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    Regarding your questions:
    1) right you can use tunein, spotify Family, googlemusic and local storage. There is no officially supported way for mounting network shares. You can only copy All your music to the musicserver hdd.

    2) could be tricky die to the fact that the app believes you are external and does not give full access to all functions.
    Maybe you could try to nat inside the loxone vlan rather than route.

    3) the loxone closed source part is protected by Hardware dependant license that will not work on other than loxones music Server. P2v and faking MAC does not help.

    Best regards

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