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Can I use Loxberry Squeezelite player?

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  • Can I use Loxberry Squeezelite player?


    I'm reading up a bit on what I could do with a LoxBerry and noticed the Squeezelite player. I'm not that good at German, so I have a few questions.

    Is this plugin useful when I have physical Squeezebox devices? I do not need (or want) Squeezelite instance, but if the plugin can serve as a gateway between LMS and Loxone, it could of course be interesting to me. I suspect it is possible as I gather it uses MusicServer4Lox for the squeezelite instances and references to them via their mac address. (I have a somewhat similar functionality in Eventghost, but it is not so easy to maintain and requires a Windows PC up and running. For now that is ok as it is also my LMS server, but I'm looking at other options)



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    Yes u can...
    Use the Plugin only for the gateway to Loxone or install also the LMS in it.
    Kein Support per PN!


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      Hi Jörg,

      The Squeezelite Player Plugin can be used as Squeezelite instance AND/OR as a gateway. The UI of the Plugin is in English.

      It can be connected to MS4LOX and every other LMS Server. It is not dependent to MS4LOX, and you don't need to start a Squeezelite instance. It works with every player connected to LMS.

      If you want to use MS4LOX, you even don't need the Plugin, as MS4LOX has a similar Gateway Funktion by it's own.

      If you already have Loxberry installed, simply give it a try. Using the wizzard, you have data in about 10 minutes.

      LoxBerry/Plugin Support: Wenn du einen Begriff in meiner Antwort nicht auf Anhieb verstehst, bitte nicht gleich rückfragen, sondern erst die Suche im LoxWiki und bei Google bemühen.
      PN/PM: Ich bevorzuge die Beantwortung von Fragen in öffentlichen Threads, wo andere mithelfen und mitprofitieren können. Herzlichen Dank!


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        The name of the plugin, particularly the squeezelite part of the name, made me write the question.

        At the moment I'm away from my system, and am planning how to improve it all. My currently idea is to add a file server (e.g. based on Intel Denverton or one of those very low powered Xeons) on which I could also run a virtual loxberry...