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New house - no partner

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  • New house - no partner

    I’m Andrea, I’m Italian and I’m building my house in east Italy. I’ve tried to find a loxone partner but the nearest is at 3h from my home so my electrician will mount all the cables and the cabinet and I will program loxone.
    I’m new in loxone home automation and I’m trying to understand the best solution before buying all the hardware. I’ve read a lot your forum and the official loxone site to understand the best configuration for my house.
    This is what I’m thinking to have:
    Loxone miniserver
    Some extensions (air base, multi air, “extension”)
    RGBWW WLAN LED Dimmer with H801 (I think it’s not CE, better DMX ext+ DMX512 Controller?)
    Loxone RS485 ext + KMTronic relays for lighting and irrigation
    Fingerprint Access Control F6-2 for turning off alarm
    Some loxone smart socket air
    Some loxone motion sensor Air (only in some rooms in the house)
    Motion sensors PIR (like HC SR501) for other rooms
    Windows and doors contacts already embedded by carpenter
    Pokeys57E for windows and doors contacts and PIR sensors
    All the buttons in a “star” solution connected to loxone inputs
    Some power sokets controlled by loxone (with 16A relays of the multi air) – alternatives?
    Android tablet for all the controls (turn on alarm, RGBW color ecc)
    Third party control for heating
    Dahua IP intercom (cheaper solution) – I think it will not be implementable in loxone
    UPS to guarantee alarm and some controls always working

    This is the “base” solution I want to build. After I’m thinking to implement also a QNAP (or something else) for music server, google calendar, loxberry ecc. but I think in the beginning I will only try to focus on the simpler solution.
    I want to buy also a power meter but I don’t know which is the best solution in terms of cost/usability. I’m waiting to choose the photovoltaic inverter to understand if I can read some data from it.
    I’m trying to read the forum with all your experiences whit google translate but it’s not all understandable… (what’s the meaning of BWM?)
    What do you think about my configuration? There is a delay in the UDP communication with Pokeys57E or is a old bug (or I’ve misunderstand)?

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    Can anyone advise me if my setup is appropriate?


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      Hi Andrea,

      You've counted a lot of stuff, and I think no-one could say, "Yes, this is the best solution" as behaviours and opinions depend.

      As a general advice, you should tear down your solution to 1. Important/must work things and 2. Saving/should work things.

      Everything in the "must work" category you should do in Loxone or KNX devices as they are good or standardized.
      The "should work" category can use everything else. So if you want to use your window contacts e.g. for alarm, I would not use Pokeys.

      The other advice is, if it is (still) possible, to not use Air or other wireless devices in your new installation. Try to get everything cabled. Wireless stuff is nice for "nice to have" stuff, or forgotten things (e.g. a wireless socket for the Christmas tree lightning).

      For wired actuators and sensors, compare the prices and functionality of Loxone and KNX components. As you install yourself, KNX actuators offer nice features like by-hand control buttons, and (from MDT) included power petering at the same prices of Loxone relay extensions (that do not offer such features at all).

      For questions in here, you could ask shorter and more in detail, and you will get more detailed information.

      Ciao, Christian
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        Thank you very much for your reply.
        I was thinking that pokeys or other stuff was already tested and working properly... I think I will read/write in the proper discussion about this.
        So step by step, first loxone solution:
        Multi air solution is not a common solution? I was thinking that was a good solution to have some inputs, 1-wire, some 16A outputs and PWM control all in one. I think it's the cheaper solution to have this things. I don't know if it has problems in comunication.
        and with this solution I will have a lot of tipes of I/O at "low" price...
        I've never thought of knx... I think I will begin to read about it after your post. I will read about it on the forum, if you have some links to find out how to implement it I will appreciate, as you will uderstand it's difficult for me to find the proper things ina german site....


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          Another thing about the air solution...the only partner that have replied me said that the tree solution is hard to adopt for a normal eletrician. For me it's not true but he said this. For this I've adopted the air solution for the motion sensors.


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            Hi Andrea,

            „BWM“ is an acronym of „Bewegungsmelder“ and means motion / presence detector.
            On the lox-site are some exaples how to wire a tree installation, also for the components.
            This should be self explanatory enough for an electrician.
            best regards


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              I've searched for the KNX solution but I cannot find cheap relay module... and I also need an additional power supply for the bus (200 euro for PWR+500 for 12 relay). If you have some components to suggest that will be a path to follow. For now I think I will buy 1 loxone relay ext.
              Ok for the BWM, I will use the tree solution, thanks.

              Have a nice day,


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                I've written to Loxone and they suggested to use RGBW ext instead of DMX. I have seen that it's cheaper for les than 5-6 RGBW ext (20-24 channels).
                Do you see other reasons to use DMX?
                I think for now I will use a full loxone solution for the initial system and after I will add other components.

                Thank you!


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                  Hi Andrea
                  where exactly are you from? what city?


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                    I'm from Flaibano, a village near Udine


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                      by the way:
                      there is an italian company producing a lot of KNX components called, companys name is "Vimar"


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                        Hello Labmaster,
                        thanks for your suggestion. I've not thinked about this company because of the first price quotation they gave me for the full system.
                        I'll check for the KNX solution with them.
                        By the way I don't understand why to use KNX, in this case all the components are more expensive than loxone solution, there is other reasons to use it?
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