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ordering VI / VTI

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  • ordering VI / VTI

    Simple question: is there a way to order the virtual inputs in the Loxone tree?
    Or at least select some ordering (alphabetical, ...)?


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    In my opinion, VI/VTIs are ordered alphabetical.
    Possibly it is required to reopen the project. I also noticed, if I freshly create new VI/VTIs, they are not re-ordered in the tree immediately.

    I always try to use a consistent system of names to find the VI's again. Also I always set category and room, to find it by the quick filter.

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      Strange... In my case, they are not alphabetical, and I cannot even figure out in which order they are (it may be order of creation, but I don't think so either as "Send time telegrams" was my first one). That was also why I found it so difficult to keep track of a large number of VI/VTIs...

      See attached screenshot (it is a bit of test config, so a bit messy and inconsistent with names)...

      Reloading does not change anything, nor does closing/opening Loxone Config...

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Untitled.jpg Views:	0 Size:	63.1 KB ID:	247917


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        Well, it is not in order of creation either... The only way to get any kind of organization is by filtering... in which case always some overview is lost...
        Is it risky to manually edit the file to change the order?
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