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Power supplies for peripherals

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  • Power supplies for peripherals

    I'm wiring my cabinet up and have a quick question.
    Is the 24v dc outputs from the miniserver and extensions the same 24v as the input? Can I link all the 24v to a common bus bar for all my tree inputs to take power from or will I have to have separate bus bars for the miniserver, extension and tree extensions.
    many thanks

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    Input and output are the same, but I wouldn't loop the 24V through the Miniserver and Extenstions boards.
    Better to have one 24V block from the supply, and do single wires from that block to every Loxone device.

    In case of Tree lightning you should have seperate power supply or supplies for the lightning. All power supplies need to be connected on the minus (not the plus).
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      Thank you Christian.
      I'll take the 24v & Ground from my power supply straight to my input/output terminal blocks for sensors (faradite motion sensors) and tree devices (mostly valve actuators and touch switches.
      I'm using Cat6 cable wired in star to all switches so there will be 16 touch Cat6 cables coming back to the node 0 cabinet under the stairs and a cable going out to the tree valve actuators. There will also be 10 motion sensor cabes coming back. At node 0 I'll take a common 24v, common ground and common tree.

      All my lighting is 240v mains 50hz so I'm just using the digital outputs to switch lights so that makes things more simple and lessens the load required from my 24v power supply.

      Thanks for replying.