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Hall way and landing lighting

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  • Hall way and landing lighting

    Hi Everyone,
    I have tried to find an old post about this as I am sure this topic has been covered before but I cant seem to find anything.
    In the hall way of my house I am going to have 3 different light circuits: hallway (ground floor) stairs lighting and landing (first floor).
    There will be a touch switch at the entrance to the house on the ground floor, a touch switch in the kitchen (that leads on from the hall) and a touch switch at the top of the stairs. There will also be a motion sensor down stairs and a motion sensor upstairs for automatic lighting.
    I want to assign touch buttons for different functions.
    These functions are:
    1) entering the house and just turning on the ground floor lighting
    2) walking across the landing upstairs so just upstairs lighting
    3) moving up and down the stairs so possibly all 3 circuits on.

    How do i configure this? I don't want all the lights coming on if I touch the switch at the top of the stairs. Likewise, If I'm down stairs and don't intend on going up stairs, if i touch a switch I only want the downstairs light to come one.

    Could someone explain this setup to me please?

    Many thanks

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    I think I might have answered my own question - in case anyone is interested.
    My hall/landing has 4 light circuits: hall ground floor, landing first floor, stair lighting and outside front door light.
    The inputs are 3 touch switches: hall ground floor (front door), Kitchen (at the end of the hall) and landing (top of the stairs in front of all the bedrooms).
    There will also be 3 motion sensors: hall ground floor, Landing first floor, outside front door.

    So, in config I will make 6 scenes: 1 landing on but all others off, 2 Hall on but all others off, 3 Stair light for night time and all others off, 4 all on "Bright" 5 outside light (Mix) 6 all off.

    The hall switch ground floor will be a T5 switch but start at mood 2. (T5/2)
    The kitchen switch will be a T5 switch but start at mood 2 (T5/2)
    The landing switch will be a T5 switch but start at mood 1 (T5/1)
    Both indoor motion sensors will switch to mood 3 when dark.
    The outside motion sensor will switch on the outside light.

    My issue now is how will the kitchen light switch work? If I'm leaving the kitchen I want it to switch the hall light on, but if im entering the kitchen I want it to switch the kitchen light on. Does anybody know how I could make this work?

    I'm hoping someone out there will make sense of my endless writing and give me a thumbs up!

    Many thanks