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    Hello All,

    We are about to start building our house, and are currently deciding on which automation system we want to implement.

    I've seen some houses using Loxone and to me this seems a decent system. However I am afraid I will run into some boundaries regarding flexibility when it comes to predefined automation systems. Because of this I am also considering controlling everything from a PLC and program the entire software from scratch myself. This would take a lot more time, and is probably a never ending project, but it would have no limits whatsoever.

    But anyway, no need to reinvent the wheel if what I want is already out there. Therefore, I would like to know if it is possible to program the following using Loxone Config.
    I prefer to wire up everything towards I/O modules and not use a bus system.

    Would it be possible to configure double taps in Loxone Config? For example, pressing a button once switches the light, pressing it twice it controls the window blinds?

    Basically I want to use switches with four buttons everywhere. Pressing a button once controls the lighting (pressing it long dims it), pressing a button twice controls the window blinds. Pressing 2 lower/upper buttons at once browses through the light scenes. Audio should switch on when pressing upper left and lower right button at once. Browsing through radio station would be possible using 2 left and 2 right buttons at once shortly, volume can be done when pressing them longer.

    How I want my lighting to be controlled is as follows. Using a motion sensor, from the moment the motion sensor is active and the door is closed (which means someone is in the room) I don't want the lights to switch off automatically (only when you press a button to switch it off). I want it to automatically turn off when the door is opened again and the motion sensor does not detect anything for x seconds.

    Also, I prefer using Sonos. I've seen some threads about Loxone and Sonos but I can not figure out if it works well together. Would it be possible to use the Loxone App to search for specific bands/radio stations and play it via Sonos?

    I've never seen the Loxone Config, so forgive me if the answers to my questions are quiet obvious, but all I find on the internet is how to program basic functionality.

    I don't need to know exactly how to configure the above functionality, I just want to know if it is possible and how flexible Loxone config really is.

    Many Thanks
    Kind Regards

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    I recommend to download Loxone Config and play around. You can simulate the logic also without hardware.

    Button things can be done with long-time click and multi click blocks as you explained. It would be some logic needed to examine the twice-button clicks (with preventing the single-button functions) but nothing that wouldn’t make more troubles as in any self-coded logic with any other automation/software.

    The door/motion things are possible by logic.

    Sonos isn’t integrated to Loxone. Advanced features are available by the LoxBerry Sonos plugin. I think, for manual playlist management, Sonos users use the Sonos app.

    If you browse the LoxBerry plugin list, you‘ll find all things that Loxone does not support natively. All the plugins do stuff on a Raspberry and convert data to „Loxone I/O style“.

    If you are about to program yourself, you also might have a look to open-source software IOBroker, Homebridge, Node-Red and compare it’s feature set to Loxone.

    Loxone is a great player in WYSIWYG logic editing, and automatic visualization generation. It is not a player on interfaces to external software and non-Loxone hardware, as Loxone tends to sell it’s own, proprietary hardware.

    Regards, Christian
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      Zitat von Smelo Beitrag anzeigen
      I just want to know if it is possible and how flexible Loxone config really is.
      Smelo, just watch all of those 10 videos:

      Then you will know how powerfull yet simple to use Loxone Config is.
      Noch ein oder zwei Jahre mit Loxone und ich werde Deutsch sprechen