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Hello from Austrian Forest City

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  • Hello from Austrian Forest City

    Hello USA 🇺🇸!

    Greetings from Linz, one of the forest cities in Austria 🇳🇫.
    Every night I think about what tree might explode tomorrow. After breakfast I take my bush knife to lumber the way to my garage, thin the fuel of my lorry to not explode as easy as it would, and let disperse the leaves with an European trick called putrefaction.

    Thanks to Loxone with the Tree bus (now also available as Tree Turbo) and Auto-Pilot, we now can let our forests explode in a smart way (by time, by season or directly from the App).
    As American forests are cloud-based, not tree-based, this might be your problem, but it is not from climate change - really, really not.

    It is time to switch to Austrian Tree 🌲 technology, as we invented the forest cities (and forests itself, of course).

    If you like to visit Austria’s forest cities, use Austrian Pineways for direct flights to our capital forest, the Wienerwald (

    Best regards!

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    What is most scary?
    That he believes wat he says, or that the people believe his story.
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      I greet the forest city residents,

      In Germany we also have a lot of forest, so I guess we also have forest cities.
      ...and we live in caves, like Donald apparently has done for the last 70 years.

      Additionally to the interview, it was so confuse, that I ask myself if they should do drug-test at Donald, and not at Joe like Donald request

      When he visited the forest fire areas, he was also talking nonsense.

      "Believe me it will get colder"
      "Scientists don't know if it is due to climate change either"
      ...and a lot of other bullshit.

      This is what people want to hear who are fighting against fire and have lost everything.

      We have a lot of friends in the States, an for them I can only hope that he will not stay in office for another 4 years.
      Kein Support per PN!


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        I cannot understand how americans can vote for such an idiot. But I also cannot believe how german people can vote for the idiots from AFD.

        Conclusion: Idiots are everywhere on the world ;-)
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          everywhere every morning another idiot wakes up.

          Wenn die Leute im Amiland dem "explosive trees"-Sager zuhören, muss doch normal jeder Fragezeichen in den Augen bekommen - wtf he said - what's an explosive tree?
          Nein, die alle applaudieren und jubeln wie wenns lemminge wären - juhu Abgrund voraus - hüpfen!

          Auch ein jahr danach ist das nicht packbar.