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receive HTTP POST on loxone

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  • receive HTTP POST on loxone

    Hi all,

    is there a simple way to capture a specific HTTP POST command from external device on Loxone like:

    POST / HTTP/1.1 Host: Authorization: Basic Og== Connection: keep-alive Content-Length: 90 Date: 2017-11-09; Time: 14:07:27; Event describe: Use card open door. Card ID: 378690700

    and create a digital input from it? I really dont want to capture this externally and retransmit via UDP.

    Thank you


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    I haven't found a way to do this yet. I don't think it's possible - it's a shame that Loxone lets us capture data with a HTTP Virtual Input (limited to a GET) but doesn't give us the same facility with the HTTP Output

    I've ended up using a raspberry PI to send UDP commands to the Loxone. I've got the PI mounted in my loxone enclosure in a special case that clips onto the DIN rail, and also a 24v -> 2v DIN rail power adaptor that powers the PI.

    Your other option us to use a Program block and write a custom script.