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Push Switch Virtual input (On/Off/pulse) not working in iOS app, sockets

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  • Push Switch Virtual input (On/Off/pulse) not working in iOS app, sockets

    Hello Loxone Support If we send via curl to a push switch (the same behavior exists even with a virtual input) / On or / Off or / pulse this always works. When we place the exact same request in our iOS app, it does not work with push buttons and virtual inputs. It works perfectly with Lighting Controllers (V1 and V2), e.g. / Changeto / 2 What are we doing wrong?

    curl -u httpctrl:mypassword
    {"LL": {"control": "dev / sps / io / PB-Fireplace-LivingRoom-ONOFF / On", "value": "1", "Code": "200"}}

    Thank you very much
    Qadir Hussain
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    Please, I prefer to not get asked by PM for help.

    And, btw, this is NOT Loxone Support (-->
    loxforum is is community platform, not managed, read or influenced by Loxone.

    As it works with curl, and with all implementations e.g. on LoxBerry (Perl, PHP, Phyton), it seems to be an issue with your iOS app.
    You may ask Loxone directly.

    PN/PM: Ich bevorzuge die Beantwortung von Fragen in öffentlichen Threads, wo andere mithelfen und mitprofitieren können. Herzlichen Dank!