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My basement lights output is 'stuck'. Live view shows 'off', but lights stay on

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  • My basement lights output is 'stuck'. Live view shows 'off', but lights stay on

    Hey all. I'm having a very strange issue that I can't solve.

    My basement lights (all connected on 1 loxone output) are software-wise configured to 2 buttons:
    - 1 to turn on the lights for 30 minutes (via a multifunction switch)
    - 1 to turn the light on permanently (until clicked again) via a lighting controller.

    This has worked fine for 2 years. Yesterday I powered down the miniserver to disconnect a light sensor that I don't use anymore. My basement lights were on when turning off the minicontroller. As soon as I turned it off, the lights turned off as well (this is already a little strange, since they don't usually do that)

    When I powered the miniserver back on, the lights were still off. I could switch them back on with the switch, but now they won't turn off anymore!

    If I check with live view, no matter what the outputs are set on (on/off), the lights physically stay ON. Even with my 'triple-click-everything off' that turns off everything in the house, those basement lights stay on.

    I've power cycled them by turning off the global electricity switch (they of course went off then, but came back on when I put it back on)

    Any idea what could be causing this? This is really annoying because there's quite a few lights in the basement so keeping them running 24/7 is expensive

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    are you using leds with a loxone relay? if so, the relay is stuck, probably due to the high inrush current of the leds


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      ... or, if the relay isn’t stuck (knock with your fingers directly on the relay, or switch on-off-on multiple times), then this could be the first sign of a dying sd card.
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        The lights are 230V, so theyre not directly powered from Loxone. I only use loxone to switch them on/off.
        A dying SD card would be strange, I only replaced it 6 months or so ago. I've had this issue once before. The only way to solve it back then was to change the output port of loxone where the lights were connected to. Guess I'm gonna try that again.


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          So the relays are got stucked, as Duncan supposed.

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        What exactly, do you switch with this Port (Voltage, Currant, what kind of device).
        Is it an output on the Miniserver itself or on an extension or KNX?
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