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Filter analog value

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  • Filter analog value

    and one more question. I have Virtual Input (electric meter providing total number of kWh) which goes haywire one per month. There's suddenly a huge spike, totally off the charts. This breaks the Utility meter statistics completely. It practically stops logging. So I wonder if there is any analog value conditioning/filtering possible? Like - if the value exceeds previous +- X %, keep it unchanged. If it is within the bounds, pass the value.
    I'm thinking of using Analog Memory, doing differences, detect changes (see my other question from today) and do this on my own. It looks like Loxone doesn't have this kind of functionality, or am I missing something? Somebody must have had solved this already, or not?

    Many thanks

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    Filtering at all is not implemented. You can set boundaries on the VI with a default value, if the value is out of boundaries.

    An intelligent filter (possibly with "AI" - huhu!) for power is not as easy as "previous +-%".
    My washing machine takes 8 watts if I turn it on and choose the program on it's display. After pressing "Start", the power rises to +3000% as it starts to turn and heat ;-)
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