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Aestetic scheme to control DALI using Light Controller

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  • Aestetic scheme to control DALI using Light Controller

    I have a MiniServer, EIB bus, KNX-IP gate, RTI Control for user interfaces, DALI and 1-10 lights.
    DALI have one channel 0-100% control.

    I need next.
    Wall push button, knx ON/OFF telegram, KNX Brightness telegram.

    Output: DALI light, KNX status ON/OFF, KNX status Brightness

    Push button do "next mood" on Lightning controller for 100/70/50/20/0 brightness.

    KNX On/Off telegram must toggle DALI light 100%/0% or switch next mood too.
    KNX Brightness telegram must set 0-100%

    Loxone must generate "KNX status ON" telegram if DALI light >0, and "KNX status OFF" telegram if DALI light =0
    "KNX status Brightness" must be equal "KNX Brightness telegram"
    No matter, either push button change a mood through lightning controller, or knx telegrams do it. I need actual feedback.

    How to make aestetic scheme in Loxone Config?

    I tried next, works almost fine, but KNX ON/OFF status don't work properly. If 1_3_4 >0 then 1_2_4 always ON
    How to make aestetic scheme in Loxone Config? Fix somesthing in my scheme, or make from scratch?

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Name: Clip2net_190917150508.png
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    adv 1_1_4 - KNX toggle telegram, advanced sensor make a pulse.
    1_3_4 - KNX brightness
    1_2_4 - KNX status ON/OFF for DALI
    1_4_4 - KNX status of Brightness

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    This works

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Name: New scheme 2.png
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    I had to compare values, because
    without compare it works wrong. Two analog values in one knx actuator don't give me 0 while any >0.

    How it works with interface -

    When i use this combination for one light, i use a comparision with 0 to reset lightning controller.
    It is made for next case: when i move slider to 0, lightning controller resets and next pulse on "+" run first mood.

    I'm new at loxone, and block connections looks tangled.
    As for me, Loxone Config lacks some signs for line intersections. "intersection with connection, and without connection".
    This make the circuits less readable.

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      you can remove the "Equal 0 " block by simply using the Q Output from the "Greater" block and feed it to the R (reset) input of the Lighting Controller and inverting the R input (click on the empty space between the line connector and the R at the Block, small dot apears there showing that input signal will be inverted)
      I don't know on what config version you are working but on the Beta (where I am at the moment) the intersections are specialy marked.


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        Thank you for hint.

        I use
        Where to get download link to beta?