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digital output that sends an analog value

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  • digital output that sends an analog value

    im looking for ideas here:
    i need to send a value <v> from an analog input as a digital output when triggered by a switch/pulse
    im hoping it can be done with a digital output but passing the <v> parameter somehow
    im using it to send the light mood to a v2 lighting block to avoid it mixing moods

    if i use an analog memory and the last output triggered was the same number, it hasnt changed value so doesnt change the output so doesnt change the light scene
    if i use a state block then after the trigger input has passed, the state block resets the output to 0 or next matching state, which resets the light...

    im currently doing it using a radio button and lots of ANDs to separate digital outputs, but its messy and using a lot of config space
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    Honestly I don’t understand... 😉
    Where do all the VQ’s go to?
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      i have specific buttons to turn on scenes in the v2 lighting controller but these buttons act as a + and cycle through the scenes
      using the web services and a VO i can ensure the buttons only turn on the chosen scene
      eg sending http://login:pass@IP/dev/sps/io/boxr...ts2/changeTo/1 sets the lighting block to scene 1, and further presses do nothing, double click turns off

      i also have a user customisable button in each room, where the user can use a virtual input in the config to set which scene the button operates,
      for example, user sets the VI in the config to scene 3 and the 1st button in the room always switches scene 3

      it would be nice to have a VO triggered by a digital input (the real wall button) that sends the correct value from the VO eg /dev/sps/io/boxroomlights2/changeTo /<v> but as i said before, my other attempts so send this via memory or state block are not reliable as either could possibly not change so no value is sent, else after change the output reverts back to 0 so turns off the lights


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        I think you could try an analog memory.
        It sends the value again without setting it to zero.
        It is a bit strange but I think it should work.


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          unfortunately the analog solution sends the value but the double click doesnt work which is odd


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            unless there is a way to make the S inputs on light controller v2 act like v1 where additional presses dont cycle through the other moods?


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              Please show your Config and tell exactly what you would like to do


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                its really straight forward in theory, just not in practice

                i have mostly v1 light blocks with switches attached to the scene inputs s1, s2 etc - these inputs switch the scene on / off with successive pushes, and off with a double click

                some of my blocks have to move to v2 lighting and i wish to have the same direct scene switching, however the t1-t8 inputs only select the assigned scene if the current scene is different, and any further button inputs cycle the scene like the + button which costs a lot of WAF

                in order to overcome this im using the web interface with the button sending a http command to the v2 lighting block which switches the chosen scene on without cycling through if its pressed again or that scene was already on
                so http://name:pass@IP/dev/sps/io/light...ame/changeTo/n where n is the scene number you want will turn on the chosen scene, no cycling with further commands

                however the complexity comes because each room has a user selectable 1st switch (favourite button) where the user can choose which of the moods are selected without having to reprogram the system

                in order to do this, i need a radio button to select the favourite scene, a load of AND blocks to link the radio block outputs and the switch input, and a virtual output for each scene and this is inelegant

                so there a number of solutions:
                1) leave as it is
                2) use an analog VI linked to an analog memory, triggered by the switch and linked to an analog VO
                3) figure out how to get a v2 light block to behave like a v1 one using the t inputs (not possible?)
                4) construct a virtual output parameters to use the value from a virtual input and send this as part of an output using a digital trigger, rather than a change of the analog value which is the trigger for an analog virtual output - it would appear this isnt possible either as it only has 1 input to pass things to (the value or trigger but not both) and i guess option 2) is the nearest
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                  Okay I think I understood your Problem.
                  You wrote before that the analog solution is working, but the double click does not work. You could use the multiclick block to select between single and double click and then perform the desired action as a second VO or simply putting the output of the double click to the R input of the v2 light block.


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                    thanks - some of the light switches are mdt glass 2 where double click doesnt exist as such - thats the example i was showing
                    others have real mechanical switches that i have put a multi-click block to feed the R input but i didnt show that

                    ive been running at 100% plus on the miniserver for quite a few months now and was trying to streamline the config, but ive decided to add a v2 miniserver as a gateway and keep the v1 as a knx interface - hopefully the system will respond quicker and emulation testing suggests around 50% usage rather than 100 so i dont need to strip things down too much


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                      But if there does not exist a double click how should the light controller v1 had a double click of it?
                      If this worked it should word with a multi click block also....


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                        to answer my own question/problem, ive found a couple of similar ways to make the v2 light controller work more like the v1 using equivalents of the s1-s8 inputs, so that further presses of the same input dont cycle through the scenes, without using the web/network interface so the response is a lot quicker

                        this uses the Als input and analog memory to pass a scene value to the Als input - either using a number of analog memories per s input, else if you need a lot of these then switch inputs to the I inputs of a radio button and the inputs also triggering an analog memory to shift the radio button AQ output to the Als input of the light block

                        if necessary a multi-click block can be added between the buttons and R input to give a double-click reset function
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