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LoxClock for Android

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    If you hit snooze this will be the next scheduled alarm. However, if you link the alarm pulse directly to an action, this action will be performed.
    If a delay is build into your Loxone Config, you can reset the alarm pulse when the new alarm setting comes in.


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      Hello, I'm trying to setup this app and link it with my Miniserver. I followed the tutorial, but the alarm time is 90 minutes off.

      I re-calculated the present time which is correct (only off by 2 seconds). But my alarm is 90 minutes early.

      In example If I set my alarm up for 01:00 the present time will equal the alarm time at 23:30. As you see in the screenshot which I took at 01:00 the value for alarm time - present time is at -5402 seconds ( 90 min.) where it should have been 0.

      Did anyone else encounter this issue?


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        Looks like I'm having issues with the app as well. I've set my alarm for 63 minutes from now, but the loxclock app tells me alarm in 57 minutes?


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          First time I hear about this problem.
          Can you share your virtual input settings and your formula?

          What time do you get in seconds for alarm 27/11/2020 6h00 ? (375683400 seconds?)


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            I've set my alarm for 27/11/2020 06:00 , but already communication between my default Samsung alarm clock and loxclock is 6 minutes off. The time received by the mini-server is 375683101,000 .

            The formula used for actual time is (I1*86400)+(I2*3600)+(I3*60)+I4


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              I do not understand why this happens to you. What android version are you running?
              When did you install the app? I installed the app on my new phone this week and this just runs as expected.

              It's strange you get an value ending with ,000. This would mean the setting for the value of <v> is not correct?
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                Today I uploaded a new version of the app to the appstore. This should version contains a fix for the 90 minutes difference.
                Hope the review by google is quick so everybody can update to this new version.


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                  Love the idea of the app and already thinking how I can use it.

                  I also have the 6 minute issue... Already on the app, it shows me that the alarm will go off 6 minutes earlier than according to the alarm app. Not sure if it is connected, but the menu "widget settings" does not seem to do anything. I haven't tested anything on Loxone side yet.

                  Phone: Samsung Galaxy A50, Android version: 10, Kernel version 4.14.62-20126267, Android Patch Level: 1 December 2020



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                    The text displayed while setting the next Alarm is only visible for to user as feedback. For me the difference is 1 minute.
                    The text displayed is not linked to the settings itself, so the set alarm should always be correct.

                    Your mobile phone will give an UDP message pulse when the alarm on your phone goes off. The time is only needed when you want to perform actions prior to the set alarm.

                    Can you please double check the "Clock_Person1" for the time of your upcoming alarm in seconds.
                    The time for 04/01/2021 6:00 should be 37897200 seconds.

                    Your remark about the "Widget Settings" is correct. I forgot to delete this option when I uploaded the new version of the app to the play store.
                    The idea behind it is that I want to have Widget buttons that will send UDP messages to the miniserver when pressed. This way you can add your favorite actions to the screen of your phone, without having to open the Loxone App. Should normally follow in one of the upcoming releases.


                    • J V
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                      Thanks! I will check in Loxone Config (but not sure when I will have time to do so).
                      Interesting idea about the widgets. :-)
                      One small question: is there a way of switching off LoxClock e.g. for the next alarm?

                    • K.Clemens
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                      To answer your question: LoxClock will send for every alarm a pulse to the Miniserver.
                      If you only want to use is for waking up, you need to set some rules in Loxone Config.

                      I want to keep the app as simple as possible, but are open for suggestions to improve.
                      What would be the reasoning for switching if off for the next Alarm?

                    • J V
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                      Valid point about setting things in Loxone Config if you don't want to do anything with the UDP packet.

                      I know some people that set alarms as reminders (I know, there are true reminders in the phone - so that is rather their wrong use of apps), or that set an alarm if they take a nap in the afternoon... But other than that, I have to be honest that I don't know.
                      FWIW, I'm quite limited in what I could use it for as I have limited steering (just heating, lights and media). I was thinking for switching on heating (which normally switches on based on time, but if you have to get up earlier for whatever reason, this could be useful without having to program heating).

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                    Is there any possibility to use different alarms from one cell Phone?
                    I use my android for waking up, but i use the alarm clock to even for other things. For example not to forget to do something on the evening, but I don't want that the lights go on then.
                    So is there a possibility to send the alarm text in the UDP message?
                    So I could define more than one UDP input for different actions....


                    • K.Clemens
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                      Hi IIksi,

                      This is not possible at the moment and I think it will not be implemented anytime soon.
                      A work-around can be done in Loxone itself by using time/date block.