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Loxone Windows app

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  • Loxone Windows app


    I have some questions regarding the Windows app for Loxone... When you right-click on its system tray icon, you have a popup menu:
    Open Loxone
    Loxone -> ip address of server (single radio button)
    not being sent
    No Quick Actions available
    Disable -> Disable (single radio button)
    What are those "not being sent" and "disable" entries referring to? Maybe it is related to my next question?

    I'm also wondering how to use the app in combination with the presence detection (there is some way of doing that according to the app; clicking the menu entry pops up that you should use the presence detection block but I found no documentation on how to do this)....

    Any suggestions?



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    I figured it out... There has to be a presence block, and then you can configure the app to send either by default to a block for a given room, or not send anything and allow you to choose to which room you want to send. That menu appears on the Disable->Disable submenu (there will be radiobuttons for the different rooms). The latter thing is useful for laptops or so.

    I'm now just wondering if I could use the presence block to check if a computer is running. Normally they have the ping-block, but that polls every x minutes. However, if I would define a "fictional room" and have the loxone app trigger presence in that room, it should signal presence if the computer is on (and if the run-off timer is set to 0, it should match with the running computer). Seems easier than pinging every so often.