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Tasker commanding Loxone/Sonos4Lox

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  • Tasker commanding Loxone/Sonos4Lox

    Hello everyone,

    I'm need of some Tasker/Loxone specialist vision here.

    Here's the deal.

    I would like to mute my Sonos system when I get a call on my cellphone.

    I allready have a paid Tasker running on my cellphone. I was thinking about using 'phone call' and 'connected to a certain wifi' as event triggers in Tasker. No brainer there.

    The tricky part is how I should configure my task. I've been thinking about using HTTP request. Can use GET, POST, HEAD, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, OPTIONS, TRACE commands.
    Thing is I need an URL to write my results to and that's where I'm stuck.

    I imagined something like this: i get a call when i'm home, tasker sends an url with value 1 for example. This would make Loxone (via the Sonos4Loxone-plugin) mute the Sonos beam.

    Anyone has any ideas?

    I have a Loxberry, Sonos4Loxone installed.

    For the German speaking Loxxers over here, please feel free to reply in German. I'll understand

    Thanks for looking into this.

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    create a virtual input in loxone and use tasker to write to the url of the virtual input to turn it on/off (the same way is used for Shelly buttons)

    then deal with loxone>sonos4lox using the virtual input

    eg: http://loginassword@serverIP/dev/sps/io/VI171/on where VIxx is the number of the virtual input in lox config


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      Thanks for the reply ^^

      I don't understand it yet. Which serverpath do I need to put in? The miniserver's path/adres?

      And what kind of virtual input? A regular, UDP, HTTP?

      Greets Ruben


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        yes the miniserver ip using http, using one of your miniserver userloginassword so for example http://userassword@, you have to have created the virtual input in loxone (digital) and look for its VI number

        so your phone activates a virtual input on loxone via tasker, then you can use the virtual input activated in loxone to pause the
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          Great, it worked!!!

          Used a HTTP Request GET in Tasker and it worked like a charm.

          Thank you very much.

          Might edit your second link: it says /dv/ and it should say /dev/. It took my a while to see it