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Updated status of bulb zigbee2mqqt in Loxone

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  • Updated status of bulb zigbee2mqqt in Loxone

    I am trying to create a lighting block with an Aqara Bulb zigbee bulb, I can turn it on and off from Loxone, but if the light of the bulb goes out and it is connected to Loxone, the current state does not update me.How can I do it with the block Lighting control?

    In the captures it is seen that in zigbee2mqtt it is off since the light bulb is off but in loxone it appears to me on and even if the value changes from zigbee2mqtt it does not change

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    You can setup a feedback loop.

    Use a Virtual Input to bring the status of the bulb into Loxone, then compare the light status against whether the lighting controller output is on or not.

    If the circuit is on but the VI is off, then turn the lighting circuit off.

    You will need a slight delay in the feedback loop to make it work.

    You can also test to see if the bulb goes off when the lighting output goes off, and if not turn it back on again.

    I did similar with a smart socket, but deleted the code as I decided not to use it.