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PicoC - searching Tutorial

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  • PicoC - searching Tutorial

    Hello, I am starting programming in PicoC and I want to ask if somebody could help me with some answers about PicoC. I have some experience in C and C++ and I am searching for the best learning path to learn PicoC ? What is the best OS to run this on and if there are a website's with some PicoC projects and reading material about this programming ? It would be very appreciated if somebody could help me with this and thanks in advanced. B.R. OlafurLocal
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    A simple google search for „picoc“ gives you all you need if you really know C

    And next time please choose not your name as title, but something that gives some hint to your questions


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      ok have that in mind


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        PicoC on the Miniserver is not PicoC at another platform.
        The Core is still plain C but the available functions may differ a lot.
        So if you into C in general, then the only way to get into Miniservers PicoC is to use PicoC on the Miniserver.
        Check available Miniserver PicoC code, read the available informations from loxone and just try try and try.


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          Thank you for your answer, this answers many of my questions and maybe all that I need to know.
          I'm a beginner, as you can see, I put my name instead of the name of the subject in the discussion, but it will not happen again. I want to thank you again for a good answer.
          Best Regards


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            One more thing - avoid picoc on MS whenever possible :-)

            Thats the lesson I’v learned.

            I had some picoc at the beginning of my SmartHome journey, but I get rid of all of them, replacing it with LoxBerry and Node Red.


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              Hi there maxw, thank you for your answers yesterday and today.
              Are saying that that is better to start with LoxBerry and Node Red rather then picoc when programming on Loxone ?

              Best Regards


              • maxw
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                Yes, definitely.

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              Thank you for that